Seasonal Vestments

" The green vestment brings entire new beauty and depth to the time we call Ordinary. Truly you did a fine, fine job. I am very happy with your work."


                              - Pastor, Holy Family Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA



Green Chasubles

Ordinary time does not denote ordinary vestments.  Varying modes of expression are especially important for a liturgical season that spans 34 weeks and most climatic conditions. 

Red Chasubles

The magnificence and intensity of red as a color, the beauty of fabric, drape and the simplicity of design, together culminate in the passion of the bountiful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

White Chasubles

Good liturgical art aspires to awaken the senses, relating seasonally without losing its objectivity.  The vestment must convey the essense of the solemn occasion and be appropriate for the mood of the worship environment.

Purple Chasubles

The basis for the art must be that which flows from one's life and heart.  Whether the vestment is an expresssion of penance of joyful anticipation, it should make a simple, direct and elegant statement of liturgical art and poetry.

To see our full range of fabrics and designs we invite you to consult with one of our designers regarding your specific requirements for seasonal vestments, please contact our Studio at 1-800-295-6902 or fill out an online information request form