Altar Cloths

At Maison Bouvrier we offer Full Laudian; cloths with front, back and side drops; side drops only and Mensa only altar cloths.  Each cloth is custom made to suit your particular style or shape of Altar of Sacrifice, Altar of Repose or Credence Table.  Our designers will personally measure your altar and provide fabric samples of the range options from fair linen to poly, poly-wool and handwoven materials.  Our artists can add embroidered crosses in standard or custom designs and layouts.  Delicate 'IHS' lacework can be added as an inlay or as a border.


We take extra care in ensuring that the fit and finish of your altar cloth will provide years of faithful service.  Please contact our Studio to submit measurements or to arrange a visit from one of our designers.  You can also fill out our online information request form.

Full Laudian Altar Cloth

Altar Cloth with Side Drops

Mensa Only Altar Cloth